5 reasons why 'Gau Adharit Jeevan Shailee' is inevitable for Bharat and humanity
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5 reasons why 'Gau Adharit Jeevan Shailee' is inevitable for Bharat and humanity
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There is an urgent need to embrace 'Go Sanskriti' for a healthier, happier and more vibrant Bharat and humanity, where Gomata is at the center of life. We explain the intellectual basis of our mission at SOSE.

SOSE is inspired by the mission of 'Bansi Gir Gaushala', which is working to revive Bharat's ancient 'Go Sanskriti', and regain its past glory. But is this work inspired solely by what is advised in ancient Bharatiya scriptures written thousands of years ago, and as a result holding no relevance to present day humanity? The answer to this question can be seen and experienced when one visits the campus of The Gaushala. We see first hand the changes that such a lifestyle can bring in the fields of nutrition, health, agriculture and education. The Gaushala is a living laboratory and a demonstration that such a lifestyle is more wonderful and fulfilling than we can ever imagine. At risk of limiting ourselves by not going into the deep spiritual significance of such a lifestyle, in this article we explain the intellectual basis of our mission. We list 5 key reasons why "Go Adharit Jeevanshailee" is not only more effective but inevitable for present day Bharat and humanity.

1) Go Adharit Ahar (Food & Nutrition)

Ayurveda gives special significance to milk and ghee in one's diet. Milk is held as a sacred ingredient which cannot be compared to any other food in its ability to nourish the tissues, balance emotions and feed 'ojas', the sattvic energy and vigor of the body. However, such a milk can only be derived from sthaneey (local breed) Gomata who has been cared for as family and with devotion. Under western influence, modern day Bharat has relegated Gomata to being a mere animal and a means of production. In addition, techniques have evolved to increase milk production which inflicts terrible suffering on Gomata & her family, robbing Her milk of all its rich physical and metaphysical qualities. So while ancient Bharatiya society was full of capable men & women of high strength and intelligence, modern day Bharat is rapidly becoming a victim of disease and incapacity.

2) Go Adharit Krishi (Agriculture & Environment)

In ancient Bharat, Go Adharit Ahar (Gomata based food) was synergestically related to Go Adharit Krushi (Agriculture), with one feeding on the other. The bye-products of Gomata namely Gomutra (urine) and Gomaya ('gobar') became natural pesticides and fertilizers for Agriculture, while bye-products of Agriculture were fed to Gomata. Dharti Mata (Land as Mother) was hence well nourished and fertile. Modern Bharat has resorted to chemical based fertilizers and pesticides, disturbing the balance of nature, creating ripple effects in a toxic food chain, reducing soil fertility, upsetting ground-water levels, and so on. Before the green revolution, 1 gram of soil had over 20 million micro organisms, while now less than 50,000 remain. Modern research proves that Gomutra and Gobar are rich in nutrients and probiotic micro organisms that help Agriculture. Ancient agricultural practices are as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago. Today Bansi Gir Gaushala works with hundreds of farmers every year, helping them to undertake Go Adharit Krushi, based on extensive research and experience in this area.

3) Go Adharit Chikitsa (Health & Medicine)

In ancient Bharat, every household was a rich repository of herbal medical knowledge, complemented by 'Gram Vaidya's' and 'Raj Vaidya's' offering effective medical care that leveraged heavily upon the healing powers of Gomata's panchgavya products (milk, ghee, curd, gomutra or gomaya). Modern humanity relies heavily on synthetic chemical interventions which are not without side effects, adversely affecting the body's intrinsic self-healing abilities. As Sri Aurobindo said, Medical Science has been more a curse to mankind than a blessing. It has broken the force of epidemics and unveiled a marvellous surgery; but, also, it has weakened the natural health of man and multiplied individual diseases; it has implanted fear and dependence in the mind and body; it has taught our health to repose not on natural soundness but a rickety and distasteful crutch compact from the mineral and vegetable kingdoms." Modern research proves the 'bio-enhancing' qualities of panchgavya products, in their ability to enhance the potency of medicines taken along with them. We work with patients everyday that see incredible results after undergoing Go Adharit Chikitsa (closest word for 'Chikitsa' in English being 'treatment').

4) Go Adharit Shikshan (Education & Culture)

In the scriptures, Gomata has also been addressed as the Gurumata, with Light and Knowledge thriving in lands that are blessed by Her presence. We see first hand the remarkable effects that sattvic Gomata based nutrition and Go Sanskriti based Vedic education has in a single generation of kids at our Gotirth Vidyapeeth Gurukul. Here students can perform complicated mathematical calculations in seconds without the use of calculators or even a pen & paper, take up extremely challenging pole & rope malkham (ancient Bharatiya gymnastics), and are well versed in the Veda's as well as classical Bharatiya arts. We cannot currently imagine the effects such education can have on the culture of the country, as it had on the culture of ancient Bharat.

5) Go Adharit Arthavyavastha (Economics & Abundance)

In scriptures it is said "Uttam kheti, madhyam vyapar, kanishk naukri" (best is agriculture, followed by business and worst being service as a means to earn money). Agriculture was highly regarded as a means of earning a living with Gomata based panchgavya products improving farm-level prosperity. As a result, society enjoyed an abundance of food and other agricultural amenities. But as commercially promoted modern agricultural practices found their way into the country, reducing the influence of Gomata in Agriculture, lands became less fertile over time and most of the farming became commercially unviable. This has led to an exodus of rural populations to urban areas further complicating public administrative processes. If Gomata and the Farmer can regain their lost respect in society, we will once again see prosperity return to the villages with an abundance of nutritious food and agricultural commodities.

In further articles, we will address how our vision of 'Go Sanskriti' is not just a dream - it is very slowly but surely becoming a reality. We will also discuss how you can join us and become a part of this movement.

We welcome you to visit our stores or website for products that support a 'Go Adharit Jeevan Shailee" or The Gaushala to benefit from 'Go Adharit Chikitsa' or just joyfully bask in the calming presence of our Gomata's. You may also associate yourself with similar organisations which promote Go Seva (service of Gomata) and Go Adharit Jeevan Shailee, or farmers who look after desi Gomata with a traditional approach.

5 reasons why 'Gau Adharit Jeevan Shailee' is inevitable for Bharat and humanity
Suryan Organic 21 November, 2022
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