Bansi Gir Gaushala

Bansi Gir Gaushala was established in 2006 by Shri Gopalbhai Sutariya as an effort to revive, regain and re-establish Bharat’s ancient Vedic culture. In Vedic traditions, the Cow was revered as Divine Mother, the Gomata or Gaumata, and one which bestows health, knowledge, and prosperity. In Sanskrit, the word “Go” also means “Light”.

But as time passed and humanity entered the Dark Age (“Kali Yuga”), much of this wisdom was lost. In modern times, Gaumata has become a victim of human greed.

Gir Gauveda

Bansi Gir Gauveda is on a mission to serve humanity by offering highly potent Ayurvedic supplements by exploiting synergies of Cow (“Gau” or “Go”) rearing and Ayurveda. We are part of Bansi Gir Gaushala, a leading centre of excellence in Gopalan (Gau rearing and breeding), and research into Ayurveda, Ethical & Natural farming.

Gaumata is regarded very highly in ancient Bharatiya (Indian) culture and Ayurveda, and its products are considered to be extremely potent, especially when combined with Ayurvedic herbs.

Sidha Kisan Se

SIDHA KISAN SE is inspired by Bansi Gir Gaushala, and it's work towards the revival of Bharat's ancient Gau Sanskriti. SIDHA KISAN SE intends to transform the way food is bought and sold in the country by bringing farmers and consumers closer to each other.   

Under the SIDHA KISAN SE initiative, Suryan Organic offers you an opportunity to buy genuine, pure and authentic natural commodities directly from farmers who are part of our growing network of thousands of trusted and ethically growing natural farmers

GoTirth Vidyapeeth

The education philosophy of ancient India was influenced by religion itself. The aim of education was to awaken the instinct of righteousness. Education was for religion, meaning, lust and salvation. Their gradual development was the only goal of education. It was the first place of religion. Opporting religion to gain meaning was to block the path to attain salvation. Moksha was the ultimate goal of life and this was also the ultimate goal of education.