Himalayan Mountain Kashmiri Kahwa Tea Bag 16+16N

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Benefits :-
• Cleanse the digestive system
• Support immune system
• Stress Busting Properties
• Helps in reliving Colds & coughs
• Burns fat to Lose Weight
• Helps skin health & glow
• Boost Up the Energy

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    Product Description :-

    • Himalayan Mountain Kashmiri Kahwa is made with auspicious herbs which help to improve overall well being. In this delicious blend, cinnamon, clove and cardamom, join hands with almond, saffron and rose to lift your energies, reduce stress, improve digestion, boost immunity and skin health.
    • Cinnamon is heating in nature and improves digestion strength.
    • Clove is hot in taste but cooling in nature. It is great for respiratory disorders, dental health, digestion and vision.
    • Cardamom is cooling in nature and packed with anti-oxidants and helps with blood pressure, asthama and indigestion.
    • Almond is heating in nature and reduces vata dosha. It improves vision and physical, mental and nervous strength.
    • Saffron is heating in nature and helps to fight acne, improve skin health, boost immunity and, increase strength and memory.
    • Rose is cooling in nature, and calms all three dosha's. It improves strength, cardiac health and digestion. It is a natural blood tonic and anti-depressant.
    Supporting Ethical Farmers :-
    • Himalayan Mountain Teas are artisan blends, infused with herbs consistent with Ayurvedic principles and mixed in perfect proportions to give you a refreshing delectable taste Himalayan Mountain’s mission is to change the way people think about food and beverage, bringing simple Ayurvedic and organic wisdom back into people's lives.
    • Ouraim to recreate the same purity and authenticity that is characteristic of the Himalayan Mountains and ancient Bharat. While doing so, we help to empower ethical farmers who are the cornerstone of Bharat.
    • Himalayan Mountain is an initiative by Suryan Organic. Suryan Organic is founded by a family of farmers, who for the last at least 11 generations have been engaged in Bharat's traditional & fully natural farming practices.
    • The Founders firmly believe that embracing modernity while reviving Bharat's ancient & vibrant cultural traditions holds the key to solving the problems facing the country as well as humanity as a whole.(www.suryanorganic.com)
    • Bansi Gir Gaushala : We draw inspiration from Bansi Gir Gaushala, which is declared as the #1 Gaushala in Bharat, with purity and authenticity of Divine atmosphere in the presence of Gir Gaumata. The Gaushala aims to revive ancient Bhartiya & Gau Sanskriti and introduce time-tested Vedic Paradigms in all aspects of modern life, including the Environment, Gau based Farming, Ayurvedic Healthcare, Ethical Business & Gurukul Education. (www.bansigir.in)
    • Supporting the "Sidha Kisan Se" (Directly from Ethical Farmers) movement, whose aim is 'Samruddh Kisan, Samruddh Bharat.' When you buy this product, you directly help the farmers who are ethically growing and nurturing the products & bringing you good health & prosperity. (www.sidhakisanse.com)
    • Supporting Bansi Gir Gauveda and its mission 'Swasth Parivar Swasth Bharat' to serve humanity by offering highly potent Gau based Ayurvedic supplements, food and personal care by exploiting synergies of Gau rearing and Ayurveda, called Gauveda. (www.girgauveda.com)
    Benefits :-
    How to Use :-

    • This box contains separate sachet of Saffron, Almond and mishri (stone sugar)mix.
    • Add extra natural Sweetener of your choice, if you prefer your kahwa sweet.
    • For Pitta body type, preferably consume lukewarm or cool. For Vata or Kapha, preferably consume warm.
    • Please consult your Vaidya / Doctor if you are pregnant, nursing, or suffering from a pre existing medical condition or taking any medication.
    • Each Kahwa infusion bag contains 1.20 gm
    • Each Saffron, Almond, Mishri (stone sugar) sachet contains 6.57 gm
    Ingredients :-

    Kahwa infusion, Cinnamon, Green tea, Rose, Star Anise, Ginger, Clove, Cardamom

    Saffron almond Mishri Sachet, Mishri (Stone Sugar), Almond, Cardamom, Saffron

    Product Video :-

    Preservative Free,Natural Kashmiri Kahwa :-


    A relaxed monsoon weekend calls for a comforting cup of Kashmiri Kahwa. Inspired by Kashmir's rich tradition, Sose brings the ultimate golden detoxifier for your body.

    This delightful Kahwa not only tastes amazing but also makes you feel wonderful. It boosts your energy, aids digestion, and helps reduce stress.

    Be it your Saturday evening cup or Sunday relaxing vibe, our Kashmiri Kahwa is the natural, preservatives free cup that you need.

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