Vijaya Dashami – the day of Victory, the day of Truth, the day of The Divine Mother
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Vijaya Dashami – the day of Victory, the day of Truth, the day of The Divine Mother
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October 8, 2019 is Vijaya Dashami or Dussehra, the Victory Day. The term Vijaya Dashami is made up of two words ‘Vijaya’ (Victory) and Dashami (Tenth) connoting the end of Navratri festival with the 10th day being Vijaya Dashami. This day is celebrated all over Bharat with much devotional fervor as the day when Good achieves victory over Evil.

Historical origins of Vijaya Dashami

1. Dussehra is famously remembered as the day when Lord Ram defeated and killed the asura king Ravan. As a result, Dharma was established on Earth paving the way for “Ram Rajya”, a period of Truth, Peace and Happiness for humanity.

2. At the same time, Vijaya Dashami is originally the day when Goddess Durga killed the buffalo headed demon Mahishasur in battle and became victorious. So Dussehra is also the festival celebrating the Universal Mother, the Shakti or primordial force.

3. In some parts of the country, this occasion is also celebrated as the day the Pandavas, under guidance of Lord Krishna defeated the Kaurav Army and became victorious.

Spiritual message of Vijaya Dashami - The Divine Mother protects us

The concept of the perpetual war between Good and Evil, between Truth and Falsehood, and the certitude of Truth’s final victory is deeply ingrained in the Bharatiya psyche. Bharatiya mythology, or should we say this nation’s deep and vast spiritual history is replete with stories that reinforce this concept, with the epics Ramayana and Mahabharat being the most significant of them. Vijaya Dashami in many ways symbolizes an assurance from The Divine Mother of Truth’s final victory over Falsehood. It tells us that no matter what, The Mother is always present to nurture, to guide and to protect. It is said that this assurance will remain as long as Earth is threatened by the Titans.

Signing off with lines from Sri Aurobindo's Hymn to Maa Durga

On this Vijaya Dashami, we re-affirm our mission to revive Bharat's ancient GoSanskriti, where The Divine Gomata is at the center of all life. We drive inspiration in the following lines taken from Sri Aurobindo’s prayer ‘Hymn to Durga’ –

"Mother Durga! From age to age, in life after life, we come down into the human body, do thy work and return to the Home of Delight. Now too we are born, dedicated to thy work. Listen, O Mother, descend upon earth, come to our help.

Mother Durga ! We are thy children, through thy grace, by thy influence may we become fit for the great work, for the great Ideal. Mother, destroy our smallness, our selfishness, our fear. 

Mother Durga! When we possess thee, we shall no longer cast thee away; we shall bind thee to us with the tie of love and devotion. Come, Mother, manifest in our mind and life and body.

May we become pure and spotless, this is our prayer, O Mother, make thyself manifest.”

Vijaya Dashami – the day of Victory, the day of Truth, the day of The Divine Mother
Suryan Organic 21 November, 2022
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