Maharshi Charak offers tips to stay healthy this season - what to eat & avoid
21 November, 2022 by
Maharshi Charak offers tips to stay healthy this season - what to eat & avoid
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By Bansi Gir Gauveda

Bhadarva or Bhadra is the 6
th month of Hindu calendar year, and corresponds to lowered immunity and related health challenges. We asked our Vaidraj for tips to stay healthy in this season - he looked up the 'Charak Samhita' and offered the following pearls of wisdom from Maharshi Charak…

Bhadra month – one the most challenging periods to stay healthy…

Bhadarva (Aug 16 to Sep 14) and Shravan months of the Hindu calendar year are associated with numerous health challenges. The weather during these months is a mix of summer, monsoon and winter, and the corresponding variations often make it difficult for our body to adjust. In addition, the atmosphere is moist making it easier to pathogens and harmful insects to grow. During this period, digestive system is weaker which can further complicate matters.

Ayurveda is a treasure house of information on maintaining well being, this science was the secret of physical strength, intellectual vigour, creativity and longevity of our ancient forefathers in Bharat.

Maharshi Charak offers pearls of wisdom to stay healthy in this season (Charak Samhita, Sutra 6/35-36) which are tried and tested over the ages.

Foods to avoid during this period...

1)    Rooksha (dry) and sheet (cold) in nature – cold water, stale foods and foods which are cold. Exceptions may include local religious practices.

2)    Atidravya (foods with too much water content) and udmanth (sattu or roasted gram flour) – fruits like water-melon, musk-melon, etc.

3)    Dahi (curd) – curd is considered heavy to digest, and the digestive fire in this season is weaker, so this should be avoided.

Foods to enjoy during this period...

Maharshi Charak recommends agni vardhak (foods that boost digestive fire) and vata nashak (foods which balance the wind & space elements in the body) during this season. He further says that foods with Madhur (sweet), Amla (sour) and Lavan (salty) taste are favourable. Some foods which satisfy these criteria include –

1)    Grains such as bajra (pearl millet), jav (barley) and purana chaval (rice which is one year old).

2)   Veggies such as kaddu (pumpkin), parval (pointed gourd), karela (bitter gourd), lauki (bottle gourd) are particularly favourable during this season.

3)    Spices such as jeera (cumin), methi (fenugreek), garlic, sunth (ginger powder), kala namak (black pepper) and sendha namak (rock salt).

4)    Fat intake in the form of traditional desi ghee, milk from desi Gomata and organic cold pressed oils. Among oils, sesame and coconut oil is most preferred in Ayurveda.

5)    Liquidsbutter milk with ginger & black pepper is light to digest and also improves immunity and digestive power. Having lemonade with honey can also perform a similar purpose. 

Some other suggestions to boost immunity at home...

1)      Haritaki - Maharshi Charak further recommends taking haritaki (or harde) which helps to boost digestion power and improves immunity.

2)    Dhoop - We would also recommend a daily practice of dhoop in the house using one or a combination of herbal incense, havan samagri, camphor and gomaya to detoxify the environment. Science has proved that using herbal or medicinal incense has anti-bacterial effects on the surroundings.

So carefully consider Maharshi Charak’s advice above, and with His blessings stay healthy this season!...

Maharshi Charak offers tips to stay healthy this season - what to eat & avoid
Suryan Organic 21 November, 2022
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