Joint Pains: how Gau Adharit Ayurvedic Chikitsa can help…
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Joint Pains: how Gau Adharit Ayurvedic Chikitsa can help…
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By Bansi Gir Gauveda

The case of Kokilaben Jadeja* illustrates how Gau Adharit Chikitsa can bring relief to people suffering from joint pains and lifestyle disorders, in contrast to conventional chemical-based medications.

In early June, a patient named Kokilaben Jadeja * walked into our clinic. She seemed overweight and distressed. Our Vaidraj held her wrists, examined her nadi, and performed an energy scan, which indicated some of the symptoms she was experiencing - even before Kokilaben mentioned them. As Vaidraj finished her examination, Kokilaben started talking. She was in her mid-40's; she had seen several doctors and taken various medications in the past, looking for relief from a wide range of physical and psychological concerns, but with little success in improving her state of being. Her symptoms are summarized below -

- Sleeplessness – she was on allopathic medication to enable her to sleep at night.

- Depression & stress – she was on allopathic anti-depressive medications.

- Body aches, including pain in the joints.

- Obesity.

- Weakness/lethargy.

- Breathlessness.

- Nasal congestion.

Vaidraj listened to her health complaints patiently. She could empathize with Kokilaben's suffering and also feel an element of hope in her voice. This wasn't the first time such a patient had walked into our clinic. With the pressures of modern lifestyle and an aniyamit dinchariya (irregular lifestyle), many fall victim to lifestyle disorders, including obesity, stress, depression, joint pains, etc. 

Gau Adharit Ayurvedic Chikitsa (Treatment) – how does it work? Spiritual background and practice

Gau Adharit Ayurveda is a branch of Ayurveda which also believes that every individual is a microcosm of the Cosmos and made up of the same panchmahabhoot (5 primal elements) – Agni (Fire), Prithvi (Earth), Akaash (Space), Vayu (Air) and Jal (Water) that make up the Universe. When the individual is in harmony, these five elements are in balance, and the individual feels peace, energy, and happiness. But when one or more of these five elements are disturbed, the disease of the individual experience. The disease may take the form of 3 primary dosha's (defects) – Vata (which corresponds to Air and Space), Pitta (corresponds to Fire and Air), and Kapha (corresponds to Water and Earth).

Ayurveda uses the term Chikitsa for what is commonly called in modern terminology as "treatment," though the actual meaning of these two terms is poles apart. Chikitsa is a Sanskrit word derived from the root sound "kit," which is similar to "chit" and refers to consciousness, knowledge, understanding, etc. So in a more profound sense, Chikitsa is not mere treatment but an "intense desire to have a full understanding of the one who is sick and to bring her back to her state of being" (1). The word swasth (a man in good health) in Sanskrit means the one in his true state of being.

Gau Adharit Ayurvedic Nidan (Diagnosis) - what was happening to Kokilaben?

So when Vaidraj examines a patient, she is essentially trying to understand the nature of imbalance in the five primal elements of existence, the factors causing it, and the resultant suffering. These can be apparent based on a person's symptoms as well as nadi. Kokilaben's nadi (pulse being the closest English term, though the two are quite different) indicated Vata vikar (disturbance in Air and Space elements), and her energy scan also indicated dosha (defect) in pran shakti (life energies) affecting various organs of her body, which Kokilaben also confirmed based on her symptoms. The Vaidraj further concluded poor pachan (digestion), nakaratmak bhavnayein (negative emotions), and aniyamit dincharya (irregular lifestyle) as causal factors behind her physical and psychological suffering.

Gau Adharait Ayurvedic Aushadhi – exploiting synergies in Gopalan and Ayurveda.

'Ayurveda' is an amalgam of Ayu (life) and Veda (science). Ayurvedic literature contains the most comprehensive scientific analysis of thousands of herbs and food ingredients, discussing its effects on an individual's prevailing dosha's. These herbs can have a powerful impact on an individual's subtle as well as physical body.

Ayurveda also believes that panchgavya (5 outputs of Gaumata – ksheer or milk, chhas or buttermilk, ghee, gomutra or urine, and gomaya or dung) can balance the five primal elements in the Universe as well as the individual. Panchgavya is also rich in life energies, with the power to correct an individual's energy patterns and raise an individual's state of consciousness. Panchgavya can correct not just physical ailments but also bring sattva (Truth) in the way of thinking and behaving. Therefore, Gau Adharit Ayurveda is a branch of Ayurveda that seeks to exploit the synergies inherent in Gopalan and Ayurveda, as understood by our Forefathers in Bharat for thousands of years ago. Modern science is only beginning to understand its significance, with research indicating that ghee and gomutra can act as bio-enhancers (2), boosting metabolism and efficacy of herbal medications.

Gau Adharit Ayurvedic Aushadhi (Medicine) –

Now the question before Vaidraj was this – how do we bring Kokilaben back to her true state of being, where her life energies are purified, her Vata vicar is balanced, and she regains her natural state of well being. Vaidraj prescribed the following lines of treatment –

1. Sunthamrut capsules –a combination of Ginger and Gau Ghee, calms the digestive system and promotes appetite and healthy digestion. It also removes ama (accumulated toxins) and cholesterol.

2. Asthigir Ghrit –a powerful combination of Asthi Shrunkhala and Gau Ghee of an exceptional breed of Gir Gaumata, which is hugely useful in joint pains and all sorts of Vata related disorders.

3. Nasya (nasal drops) – contains Gau Ghee of a special breed of Gaumata. It calms the brain, clears nasal passages, and is extremely useful to heal sleeplessness and depression.

Vaidraj also advised her to discontinue half of her allopathic medications. Gau Adharit Ayurveda's approach is not to seek a physical remedy for a physical ailment but to prescribe a treatment to restore the individual to her actual state of physical and psychological well-being. Vaidraj concluded that the above three combinations would be the most suitable remedies to help Kokilaben return to her original self. 

Results – Kokilaben find relief from her ailments.

In the following weeks, we have witnessed what we have seen in the past with many patients who suffered from a wide range of diseases, particularly patients suffering from joint pains and arthritis-like symptoms, and who sought "chikitsa" based on Gau Adharit Ayurveda. Though the rapidity with which the improvements occurred were pleasantly surprising. The Gau Adharit medicines started affecting Kokilaben at the level of mind and consciousness, helping her feel more secure and sleep well and at the physical level, enabling her to be pain-free and energetic. In her own words, "my entire situation changed within a month, and I am extremely happy."

We firmly believe Gau Adharait Chikitsa holds tremendous potential. We also believe that if we reclaim and resurrect our ancient "Gau Sanskruti," Bharat and the world will experience a new era of well-being and prosperity.


* Patient name changed to maintain privacy.


1. Dr. Sampadananda Mishra, 'Cikitsā', NAMAH Journal, April 2019.

2. Gurpreet Kaur Randhawa, 'Cow urine as bioenhancer,' Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine, Oct-Dec 2010.

Joint Pains: how Gau Adharit Ayurvedic Chikitsa can help…
Suryan Organic 21 November, 2022
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